Matha college of technology decided to host a series of technical & cultural festival under the banner of "ADWAYTHA" from the year 2015. The word "ADWAYTHA" is a Sanskrit word which means unity. As the word suggests unity, the whole college unitedly presents the fest under the leadership of union members. What adds meet to this fest is the presence of the  diploma students. Students from all departments put up their technical knowledge to bring  new working models & softwares. The fest goes on for four days which gives students of other colleges also to showcase their talent  as well as to nurture their skills. This gives every student an opportunity to enhance their practical knowledge & upgrade himself to a quality engineer. What more is interesting about this fest is that this gives the school students an opportunity to know about what an Engineer can do. In the coming years one can expect "ADWAYTHA " to be one of the most prolific technical fest in South India. One thing is for sure that this festival will be worth of the time you spent.

Inauguration ceremony of Technical and cultural festival of MCT Adwaytha 2015