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               The department was established in 2014 to train the students in the area of Automobile Engineering. The demand for automobile engineering is growing with the expansion of automobile industries and increasing demand for vehicles. The program trains students to meet the technical challenges and diverse needs of the industry and society in various areas of automobile engineering and equips them of having excellence in a truly competitive industry.


          The Automobile Engineering diploma course caters to train the students to design, develop, manufacture, and repair the automobiles. The department faculties are experienced professionals, both academically and industrially. The department is well equipped with laboratories like Chassis Service Lab, Petrol and Diesel Engine Servicing Lab ,Vehicle Testing Laboratory, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, CAD/CAM Lab and Heat Engine Laboratory.


Diploma Program

                 The Diploma in Automobile Engineering which has a span of 3 years of 6 semesters has been aptly designed to meet the latest requirements from Automobile Industry. Automobile Engineering Diploma course covers papers like Automobile Transmission, Production of Automobile Components, Automobile Electrical and Electronics, Automobile Design, Advanced Automobile engineering, special types of Vehicles, etc. Automobile workshops and Labs covers the main areas of assembling and dismantling of vehicles and components. Also there isa mini project and a main project and a seminar presentation for the 3rd year students. Students will be aware of the technical procedure in conducting assembly, testing and working of conventional automotives systems by attending the aforementioned workshops.




"The significance of Automobile Engineering is that, the substantial part of the modern automobile's value comes from intelligent systems, and that these represent most of the current automotive innovation. Our vision is to build up engineers with great potential, who focus on to bring innovations in manufacturing and maintenance industries and to make them avid collectors of information in scientific and technical development in Automotive Engineering."

  • To build young and budding automobile engineering diploma graduates to enter globally competitive automotive careers and serve the society at large; by providing the highest quality education, and equipping access to state of technologies, facilities and methodologies.

  • To encourage and support the faculty and the students to engage in continuous learning through research activities and partnerships with government, industry and other bodies

Program Educational Objectives

To provide the students with

The department of Automobile Engineering offers programs that prepare students to face the industrial environment and impart vital problem solving skills. Our Program objective supports the mission and vision of the department, targets the skill set and level our students are expected to reach.
We believe that the elements in the curriculum and the course work mapped to our objectives help us prepare the students for successful engineering career or graduate studies or in becoming an entrepreneur.

The objectives of the programme are to provide the following to the students:

1. To Prepare students for successful careers in an industry.

2. To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams and                multi- disciplinary projects.

3. To provide students with a sound foundation in the mathematical,           scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate solve      and analyze engineering problems related to automobiles and to                prepare them for graduate studies.

4. To develop the ability among students to synthesize data and                    technical concepts for application to automotive system design and           manufacturing.

5.To promote student awareness of the lifelong learning and to introduce      them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.


Automobile engineering is a vast and interesting subject which is constantly under innovation. Thereby we aim at creating passion and skills in students in the field of automobile engineering through theoretical as well as practical approach in technical education.

Meet our Faculty
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Professor (HOS)
Program Outcomes

After completion of the course, Diploma Automobile Engineering graduates will have an ability to:

  1. Engineering Awareness: Application of engineering knowledge, specialized in Automotives.

  2. Analysing and Providing Solution: Analysis of the problems in sector and providing the apt solution for the given constraint. Complex issues will specifically be investigated and delt with.

  3. Intoduction to Modern Automotive Tools and Equipments: Application of appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

  4. Social and Environmental View Point:  Strong knowledge to access society and environment, and to deal with scientific, legal and safety issues. Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

  5. Professional Ethics: Commit to ethical principles and responsibilities in comprehensive circumstances.

  6. Team Play: Strong participation as an individual, and as a member or leader in dynamic teams.

Program Specific Outcomes
  • PSO 1: The Diploma graduate will be able to occuppy space in Automobile industries and work stations.

  • PSO 2: The Diploma graduate will be fit for CAD based projects and design workshops.

  • PSO 3: Communicate Professionally

Machine Tools Lab

Machine Tools Lab

Well organized lab equipped with arc and gas welding, milling machines, Shapers, Lathe, drilling machine and facility for demonstrating and studying part programming and machining in CNC machines

Automobile Workshop

Automobile Workshop

Well arranged lab capable of servicing of clutch assembly, checking the spring tension of coil springs in spring tester, dismantling of gear box, inspecting components, dismantling of differential assembly, disassembling of engine, dismantling of gear box, etc

Engine Testing & Diagnosis

Engine Testing & Diagnosis

Fully functioning lab that enables the students to study the various sensors, electronic components and basic electronic circuits used in automobile. Also the students have an opportunity of interfacing various sensors like RTD, LVDT,etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Well arranged lab capable of tests like metacentric height, radius,hydraulic co-efficient of orifice, calibration of venturi and orifice meter,pipe friction, minor loss tests and verification of Bernoulli’s theorem etc.



Fully functioning Air Conditioned lab is equipped with 36 machines installed with latest processor to meet the requirement of flexible functioning of designing software’s such as Solid Works, Catia, CAD/CAM,etc

Heat Engine Lab

Heat Engine Lab

Sophisticated lab equipped with load test facility, performance analysis,efficiency tests, retardation test, morse test, heat balance test, fuels and lubrication tests, etc