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The diploma in engineering is a three year course with a span of six semesters. This course aims at imparting skills in project planning and implementation, preparation of drawings, designing of structures and estimation of quantities. One of the main objectives of the course is to groom the students as efficient and effective field supervisors and equip them in maintaining quality in construction. The curriculum includes laboratory works in testing materials, various computer application used in drawing & designing, mini project which includes a field work in survey and a main project.  At the end of every semester there will be an a examination carried out by the Technical Educational board of Kerala


About the department:

 The diploma in Civil engineering  Course was started in our college in 2013 with a view to train the students to meet the technical need of the society as Construction of structures and their maintenance is a never ending process as long as human civilization exists on earth. 


The Civil Engineering Department offers three-year diploma programme for 60 /batch. Also there is provision for lateral entries to the third semester to B-tech programme .

The Department has the following fully equipped laboratories:

  • Construction l Engineering Lab

  • Materials Testing  Laboratory

  • Surveying Laboratory

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  • Geotechnical Laboratory

  • CAD Laboratory

  • Concrete laboratory

  • Hydraulics laboratory


Diploma Program

The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering which has a span of 3 years of 6 semesters has been aptly designed to meet the latest requirements from modern and traditional industries. Mechanical Engineering Diploma course covers papers like manufacturing process, Applied mechanics and strength of materials, Thermal engineering, power plant engineering, fluid mechanics and pneumatics, Industrial engineering, etc. Mechanical workshops and Labs covers the main areas of machining , maintenance of machines and engines. Also there is a mini project and a main project and a seminar presentation for the 3rd year students. Students will be aware of various machining and manufacturing processes and servicing of  mechanical components by attending the aforementioned workshops.




Progress through quality education by keeping pace with new challenges in the field of Civil Engineering

  • To create competent Civil Engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills thereby finding real time solutions to regional and global problems and accept new challenges in various Civil Engineering projects.

Program Educational Objectives

To provide the students with

PEO I:   Our graduates will apply fundamental technical knowledge and skills to find creative solutions to technological challenges and problems in various areas of basic sciences and civil engineering and contribute to society and nation when solving engineering problems and producing reliable solutions.

PEO II:  Our graduates will contribute to the professional practice of their chosen field through effective communication, leadership, team work and service while exhibiting high ethical and professional standards in fulfilling their responsibilities to both employers and society.

PEO III: Our graduates will continue lifelong learning through professional activities and training and take up higher education, engage in research and development in civil engineering and allied areas of science and technology.

Program Outcomes

After completion of the course, B. Tech Automobile Engineering graduates will have an ability to:

  1. Ability to understand and apply the basic mathematical and scientific concepts for the solution of complex problems in Civil Engineering.

  2. Ability to design and conduct experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret experimental /acquired data and use them in a realistic scenario.

  3. Ability to achieve  competency to design a system/component or a process to meet the desired  needs within  the realistic constraints of socioeconomic, environmental, political, ethical, safety and sustainability requirements.

  4. Ability to function on multidisciplinary teams during execution of projects requiring inter disciplinary inter phases.

  5. Ability for analytical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills and being familiar with contemporary civil engineering soft wares.

  6. Ability to understand Professional and Ethical responsibilities to be nurtured in graduates.

  7. Ability to communicate effectively and to produce engineering reports of professional quality.

  8. Ability to appreciate the scope, complexity and significance of   Civil Engineering field and its     impact on society.

  9. Ability to develop skills and motivation for continuous learning process and professional growth after graduation

  10. Ability to understand the importance of continuous improvement and being familiar with recent Civil Engineering issues

Program Specific Outcomes
  • PSO 1: 

  •  PSO 2: 



Meet our Faculty
Dr. Dhanalakshmi (Principal cum HOD)
Survey Lab

Survey Lab

The Lab facilitates learning of Basic and Advanced course of surveying , and equipped with modern instruments , included theodolite with 20 microsecond precision , plane table, compass, chain etc.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Lab mainly deals with various testes used for quality assurance of raw water and waste water ,conducted different type of tests like estimation chlorine , iodine.etc..

Material Testing Lab

Material Testing Lab

The Lab is equipped with lot of modern instruments like universal testing machine, tension testing machine etc.. and this mainly used for testing of various materials used in civil engg field



Concrete Technology Lab

Concrete Technology Lab

Concrete is an essential materials used for every construction, this lab conducted testing of different materials used for making of concrete.



Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

This lab mainly deals with various tests for the materials used for construction of road and rail, like bitumen , aggregate etc