Hostel Facility

We are having 3 Boys and 1Girls hostel

     Boys and Girls are provided with independent hostels along with necessary amenities and facilities. The rooms are airy, well ventilated and cozy , situated at peaceful and serene environment far distant from the noise and other pollutions. Both the hostels are provided with spacious mess halls and modern kitchens. Effective waste disposal using bio-gas and waste water treatment plants ensures environment protection. Caring wardens and tight security ensures a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on their studies.

Special Features

Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls

In campus hostel for Girls

Tasty and nutritive cuisine at moderate rates

Telephonic Access

Newspapers, TV

Wi-Fi Access

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • Students are expected to act in such a manner that an atmosphere conducive to effective study prevails in the hostel.

  • Students are required to be aware of all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.

  • The hostel wardens have full authority to check any room in the hostel at any time with or without the help from local administration.

  • Ragging is a cognizable offence, punishable under the law and is strictly banned. Any student involved in any kind of ragging will be liable for immediate expulsion from the hostel/college.

  • Possession of fire arms, daggers, cycle chains, rods, iron rods or any other kind of weapons are strictly prohibited (Arms Acts.). Hostel inmates found in possession of the above will be handed over to the police or expelled from hostel immediately. No inquiry into the matter shall be required.

  • No one is allowed to take part in any type of video film show in the hostel premises without the permission of the hostel warden.

  • Unauthorized guests or outsiders in the hostel room are strictly prohibited. Any student keeping unauthorized person in his/her room will be liable to disciplinary action amounting to expulsion from the hostel. Guest may be allowed on prior written permission of the warden.

  • No student shall occupy or interchange the room without permission and proper allotment of the room by hostel warden.

  • Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants and drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone found consuming alcohol or drugs will be expelled from the hostel immediately. No enquiry into the matter shall be required.

  • Cooking food in the hostel room is strictly prohibited.