The IMPETUS is the technical forum of the students of ECE. The major goal of IMPETUS is to sow the seeds of research in the minds of final year students of ECE. The IMPETUS serves as a platform for research among the B.Techs. The major event in 2014 had been that all the 94 students of S8 have presented project research papers in the National conferences through 24 projects with 3 projects bagging the best paper awards. Majority of papers have been presented in the 3rd National Conference on “Computing and Communication Engineering (NCCCE-14)” organised by the AGNI College of Technology on 28th March , 2014in Chennai. For details, visit

In 2015 the IMPETUS has also been in the forefront in organizing the preparation of papers on innovative projects for presentation in the National Conference on “Innovative & Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology ( NCIETET ’15 “) organized by panimalar Institute of Technology chennai. For details visit website