"Physical education is part of general education and it is directed and centred on the total well being of the student. It is important for development of physical, social and mental skills. The skills obtained from the physical education environment will allow the student to develop an attitude, which will prepare him/her for a lifelong pursuit of being physically fit."

Multi Gym

 For students to stay fit and healthy, the college is equipped with gym and fitness center facilities - treadmill, exercise bikes and more of the latest fitness equipment. All gyms and fitness centers are open both in the morning and evening hours. A healthy body and a healthy mind is important.

Rules & Expectations

Listen and follow directions- do what you are expected to do when you are expected to do it.Stay on task- whether you are waiting for your turn in line or performing each skill.Respect those around you- your teacher and fellow students.Participate to the best of your ability- 100% effort, 100% of the time.Students who do not follow these rules and expectations will receive consequences for their actions. Consequences include the following: warnings, time outs, demerits, and office referrals. Defiance at any time will not be tolerated.


  1. Students are required to dress each day for P.E. in clothing that is different from what is worn to school.

  2. All P.E. clothes need to be Dress Code appropriate.

  3. Athletic shorts, Sweats or Warm-ups - no cut offs or jean shorts. PE shorts must be finger-tip length and shorts or pants worn below waist level will result in an office referral.

  4. T-shirts - no tank tops. All students are recommended to wear a Brunswick PE T-shirt each day as a part of their PE uniform. Shirts can be purchased within the first few weeks of the school year. More information will be given.

  5. Athletic shoes and socks. These need to be tied and laced. Platform shoes, slip-on shoes and any heel-less shoes are not permitted. Wearing sandals or soccer slides will result in an office referral.

  6. Lockers and locks are recommended.  Students can bring a lock and check out a locker for use during the quarter they are enrolled in PE.