RACE (Royal Automobile Club of Engineers)

The association of automobile students, RACE is formed by the department of automobile for enriching and enhancing the talents of automobile students by various innovations, information, technologies. And it also shows the evergreen unity of automobile family. “We stimulate locomotion” which is the theme of RACE, since it is all about motion of vehicles and their innovations.

The main ideas and programs which are taken by the RACE committee for action are, being to energies and appreciate the talents. It includes the achievements and credits gain by both students and teaching staffs.

One of the most entertaining and inimitable program of RACE is its project expo, RAHAS.  As it is hard to imitate, The Matha College itself described these programs as bizarre talent’s performance. The incomparable and tremendous events including bike stunting organized in the fest were highly interesting, and the numbers of students cooperated and involved in these events were more, compared to events organized by other departments. Most of the times, the expo could bring the majority to peak of their envy.


Started in 2012, RAHAS is the ultimate experience for an automobile student. It also made news on mainstream television and newspapers. In 2013 it made its second coming as RAHAS-13 which was also a tremendous success with a whole lot of improvements

The RAHAS was conducted by RACE committee with the main aim of using opportunity for owing chance to the final year automobile students to show their creative projects, which are made as a part of their curriculum. 


Fest was blessed with the creative mind of our seniors in form of their project vehicles. They were

  • Hover craft

  • Solar powered engine

  • Compressed Air fueled bike

  • Kalahari- Racing car

  • Multi fueled engine

  • Quad star Water fueled Bike

  • Tire pressure maintain system

  • Electric folding vehicle

On the same day, Matha College also became a dais for the amazing Stunt performance on bike by the automobile students. The show was beyond imagination for viewers, and made fest an extravaganza. Media coverage from all popular channels were helped the fest for the maximum popularities outside the college. The standard of events and creativity in projects thawed all minds.



 Fest was inaugurated by the Executive Director of college Ms.Reshma Krishnan by raising the ‘RACE’ flag.  The event is honored with the speech of chief guests Mr. Jose k Jacob, Mr.Kannan Narayanan and our beloved teachers.

Since RAHAS 13 was shortened to a one day fest, it couldn’t let enjoy others with confound events. But it could concentrate more with the enthusing projects.

The exhibition and expo were started there after along with entertaining drums and JCB circus. The whole students got chance for acquiring information about technologies, innovations used in the projects. The main vagary was the response of crowd; they were welcoming all creations with warm delight. The innovations introduced were

  • Dynam -  the concept car

  • Bio gas  fueled Chopper Bike

  • Integrated starter motor generator vehicle

  • Gasoline direct Injection Bike

  • Tri wheeled bike

  • Electric manual geared bike

Each one of the project creations was noble with each other, and they had been seen like massif stars on the whole day of the fest. With the extreme help of news channels and Medias these projects became popular outside the college.

The stunt performance on bike and car further wards provided more energy to the day. The stunt team could hold the breath of viewers, by showing their maximum talent. The DJ party thereafter gave color to the fest. RAHAS ’13 again became a mind blowing program in the history of Matha college of Technology.

  • Jithin

  • Neema