On 25 th March 2017, Matha College of Technology conducted a program called “DIRT DERBY (4x4) II“ as a part of college technical fest ‘Adwaytha 2k17’ by the students of Royal Automobile Club of Engineers(RACE) and Association of Royal Mechanical Staffs and Students(ARMS). The event was managed by South India’s expert club named ‘ADVENTURE CLUB’ under the supervision of RENJITH BABU and team. They made a track by understanding the significance of satisfying race teams and fans. Dirt Derby 4x4 promotions has assembled a team of experienced Off-Road driving professionals categorized under Petrol class and Diesel class. Nirmal K.S. and Abhilash K.K., HOD’s of Dept. of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering and Manu Antony (Program coordinator) put their minds to create a platform for dedicated racers to show their skills. As the saying goes ”Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers”, many expert riders from different clubs were present. The event was a lap based timed circuit. Gypsy and Mahindra Thar were the show stealers of this event. Fans extremely pumped up the atmosphere. All this together with the teamwork of Staffs and students of Auto-Mech made this event another milestone in the history of MCT.

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