Special Camping Programme-‘PUNARJJANI’-2019

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Under the auspicious guidance of the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME unit of MCT, N.Paravur hereby made a 7 day special camp ‘PUNARJJANI’ from Jan 26th to Feb 1st of 2019. The camp was blessed with the participation of 34 students. It was conducted at HOLYMATHA COLLEGE, N.Paravur.

The camp started at 5:30 pm with the flag hoist by the Mr. Vaisak .V-HOS-AU and of our Polytechnic College. The inauguration ceremony started at 5.pm. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Sooraj MS-HOS-ME and was followed by welcome speech by Mr. Annash K.R and Mrs. Anjali MS-NSS Volunteer Secretaries. The presidential address was made by Dr. Srinath C.V (NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER) which is followed by the keynote address wasmade by Mrs. Deepa A.R-NSS FEMALE PROGAMME OFFICER . Staffs from different departments and Ex-volunteers participated in the function. Mr. Sooraj S Nair-Ex-VolunteerSecretary from the ME department made the vote of thanks. In the inaugural speech By Mr.Sooraj MS emphasized the importance of NSS activities in this recent scenario. He also pointedout that the national development procedure is in the hands of the youth as they form themajority of our population. He also bestowed his appreciation and blessings to the NSS unit of MCT.

Punarjjani programme which consists of the repair and maintenance work of the damaged equipments in the hospital along with the cleaning of the surroundings of GOVT. TALUK HOSPITAL, N.Paravur.

Last day a seminar was conducted by Mr. Brahmanayakam Mahadevan along with some activities. He lectured the importance of NSS and its activities and contributions to the society. By 9.30 am the volunteers travelled for the closing ceremony of the Punarjjani programme at Govt. hospital N.Paravur,in which the repaired equipments were presented to the Hospital superintendent Dr. Rosamma P. S by Mr.Brahmanayakam Mahadevan. She appreciated the great efforts taken by the volunteers and offered another mission for the next Punarjjani Programme at the same hospital for repair and maintenance of the Cardiology ward and assured to tag the name of the ward with MCT NSS unit no: 613. The hospital Le- Secretary Varghese Kurien,Nursing Supdt. Salvi Cherian, Mr. Brahmanayakam Mahadevan, College Gen.Supdt. Mr. Anilkumar K.R gave mindblowing speeches appreciating the works done by the NSS volunteers.The function came to an end by 11.30 pm and the volunteers returned to the camp and the volunteers had lunch and they gave an open talk regarding the experiences in the camp and further improvements that has to be made for the next seven day camp.Four names of the students were selected to be the best volunteers who will be announced in another function at the college. The flag was brought down along with a bell to represent the final disperse of the camp.

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